For sports and music loving Manipur, a range of achievements in sports means not just fame and wealth but an inspiration to all the people of the world to succeed at the highest level and a motivation to keep on ‘dreaming’. 

Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom – MC Mary Kom for short – a courageous girl from Manipur has been an inspiration to the other women in Manipur, carving out a career in a man’s world, following her passion, even when people said she should give it up after she married and again when she had twins. She has made many sacrifices and overcome many challenges to get that bronze medal.

MC Mary Kom – a diminutive 29-year-old from a poor farming family had made it to the semi-final of the first ever women’s Olympic boxing tournament. She has also made big through many other national and international achievements in sports.

Poverty is the biggest adversary of achievement. Ironically, the word ‘poor’ also can be a motivating factor for some people to attain success. The Manipuri Olympian is an embodiment of this thought. The story of Mary Kom’s humble background has been written over and over again. The story of a benign beginning for the other three sportsperson from Manipur who went London is no different from Mary’s.

So what Mary Kom did for the Northeast – or to be precise for Manipur – is a landmark. Not just Mary Kom, the three others from Manipur who made it to the Olympics – L Devendro Singh (boxing), Laishram Bombayala Devi (archery) and Ng Soniya Chanu (weightlifting) gave youngsters of Manipur something new to dream. Sports will not only get a living for their family, but also accolades and recognition. To young girls and boys, the story of these goal-oriented sports person has served as an example that constant efforts in sports can make your dreams come true.

There is a lot of sporting potential in the state. In the Indian Olympic team, five of the 81 members are from Manipur – a significant achievement when you consider that the state’s population of 2.3 million people comprises just 0.3 per cent of the total population of India. The boxers from Manipur — Mary Kom and Devendro Singh – have not only fought their way to assure the country its highest Olympic tally but also highlighted their state.

EVENTS’ SCHEDULE of Manipur Sangai Festival 2012

Day 01: November 21, 2012: 4.00 P.M at BOAT

1. Formal Inaugural Function

2. An audio visual performance based on the “Theme Song” of Sangai festival depicting the beauty and cultural unity of Manipur. Duration – 30 minutes.

Choreograph by :

i) Ranjit Adhikarimayum and

ii) P.Dhanajit Singh.

Music Composer – N.Tiken Singh

Day 02: November 22, 2012: Cultural Presentation at 4:30p.m. – BOAT

Cultural Presentation: 4:30 pm BOAT

1. Invocation by Pena (group) performance – 8 minutes

Composed by Padmashri Kh. Mangi

2. Maibi Jagoi – 8minutes

by the artistes of Government Dance College,Imphal

3. Thougal Jagoi – 10minutes

by the artistes of Performing Artistes Centre, Imphal

4. Thang Leiteng Hiba (group) – 5 minutes

Choreograph by L.Heramot Meitei (SNA Awardee)

5. Ta Khoushaba (group) – 3minutes

Choreograph by Padmashri G.Gourakishwor Sharma

6. Dhon Dhollak Cholom – 7 minutes

Choreograph by Ningombam Irabot Singh

7. Pung Cholom – 8 minutes

Choreograph by Padmashri S.Thanil Singh

8. Basanta Raas – 20 minutes

by JNMDA, Imphal

Day 03: November 23, 2012: 4:30 PM – BOAT

1. District Day – I ( Cultural Programme by the artistes of Senapati


2. Shumang Leela :- “Vote To Loikhrae Landi Loidri” : by Naharol Khongthnag Artistes Association

Day 04 : November 24, 2012: 4:30 PM – BOAT

1. District Day – II ( Cultural Programme by the artistes of Tamenglong District)

2. Shumang Leela :- “Mou Ama Mangkhre” : by Sangai Artistes Association

Day 05 : November 25, 2012: 4:40 PM – BOAT

1. District Day – III ( Cultural Programme by the artistes of Churachandpur District)

2. Shumang Leela :- “Uren Shingkapngamba” : by Lamjingba Artistes Association

Day 06 : November 26, 2012: 4:30 PM – BOAT

1. District Day – IV ( Cultural Programme by the artistes of Chandel District)

2. Shumang Leela :- “Dharmagi Langdai” : by Tomthin Artistes Association

Day 07 : November 27, 2012: 4:30 PM – BOAT

1. District Day – V ( Cultural Programme by the artistes of Ukhrul District)

2. Shumang Leela :- “Loyalamgi Sangbannabi ” : by Sanaleibak Nachom Artistes

Day 08 : November 28, 2012: 4:30 PM – BOAT

1. The Creative and innovative performances inspired by our tradition to be performed by different cultural institution/ Organization of Manipur.

2. Cultural presentation from Thailand (Subject to confirmation)

Day 09 : November 29, 2012: 4:30 PM – BOAT

1. Fashion Show

a) Traditional Round – Design by Suchitra Goswami, President, RESEACAAF

b) Modern Round – Design by Ms.Memyo Ningombi, Secretary, IDEA

2. Rock show by

a) APPLE from Mizoram





Day 10 : November 30, 2012: 3:00 PM – BOAT

a) Formal Closing Function

b) A Cultural ensemble based on Manipuri Culture for about 30 minutes will be the Main cultural Show of the Day.

Courtesy : Garima Dhingra
SAUV Communications

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