Pung Cholom is also called as Mridinga Kirtan. Pung Cholom is a group dance of Manipur which is a mirror image of the tradition of this state. It is the soul of Manipur which is not only an entertainment dance but also plays a large role to verify purity of Manipuri culture.

It is a life of Manipuri Sankritana music. In Manipur at the time of any social or cultural ceremony Pung Cholom or Manipuri Mradanga increases energy of celebration. This dance need fourteen dancer in a group dance where as it can be play by two folks.

During this dance performance dancer moves their body with slow to high movement or energy and than high movement to dawdling movement. It is the cross energy dancer. During performance of this cultural dance all dancers hangs a drum and play it with there body movement.

It is so rapid dance in nature. It is the dance interplay cross rhythm dance. It can be played by only men. Dancers have to be graceful during the performance of this dance.

Manipur is a beautiful state of India and various cultural dances of this state make it more wonderful. This state is also known as a paradise of traditions and culture. It is true, all of these festivals and cultural activities of this Manipur state shows it.

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