PUSHKAR festival is a festival held in PUSHKAR NEAR ajmer of
(RAJASTHAN). The Pulsating beats of vivid images of the Sacred Brahma land, Pushkar brings alive the rich tradition of Rajasthan enhancing the glory of the golden sand. Pushkar is the another name of Lord Buddha.

This Fair Ground in the month of Kartik with bedecked Camels, decorated cattle’s, adventures competitions, breathtaking events, jostling rustic crowd, meditating sadhus, holy dip, vivid stalls, exotic fair, colorful desert, so typical, so obvious, It can be nothing else but Pushkar Fair. It is the most famous festival in INDIA. The fair in conjunction with having religious entity is famous for its Cattle Fair.

The fair attracts a great number of tourists from far and wide. In this fair Camels, Horses, Donkeys, Bulls, etc are bought, sold, beautified, raced and paraded on the sand. In fact, the fair is predominantly a rural gathering, where villagers from different parts of state comes with their animals and lakes are flooded with the pilgrims for the Holy Dips.

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