Story of Raja Janaka – Sita’s Father :

According to Hindu mythology Ramayana, Raja Janaka was the king of Videha in ancient north India and is popularly known as the

Raja Janak

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father of Sita. He is also known by the name of Seeradhwaja Janaka.

In Valmiki’s Ramayana it has been mentioned that Raja Janaka organized a swayamvar to find a suitable groom for her daughter Sita. In this swayamvar the challenge was to string the great bow of Lord Shiva. Lord Rama was successful in passing this test and was wed to Sita.

Raja Janaka was a brave king and was well-versed with Vedas and Shatras. He was the favorite pupil of Yaajnavalkya and is considered to be a Rajarshi, which means he advanced to the height of spirituality and reached the status of a rishi. Rishi Ashtavakra instructed Raja Janaka about the Atman, the nature of the self.

In one of the stories, the great sage Narada once asked Raja Janaka that why is he called a Videha. Raja Janaka told him that the answer is very simple, but he will tell it in evening.

He asked Narada to do a little job for him. He gave him a bowl filled with milk and kept a condition that if he is able to follow him without spilling a single drop of milk from the bowl then only he will tell him why people call him Videha. Narada with this bowl filled with milk followed Raja Janaka everywhere he went.

All the time Narada was very careful to prevent the milk from spilling, but he became tired. So when they finally retired for the evening, Narada asked Raja Janaka to tell him the answer.

Raja Janaka replied to Narada with a question that what did Narada see while he was carrying the bowl. To this question Narada replied that he didn’t see anything except the bowl of milk. Raja Janaka told Narada that in the same manner he also sees nothing but just watch his attention.

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