India is a culturally affluent nation and is widely known for celebrating various festivals and traditions. Housing a number of religions, the country’s populace gets to indulge in and celebrate numerous festivals. One such beautiful tradition is Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan a Bond between Brother and Sisters is pompously celebrated in most Hindu families.

Rakshabandhan A Bond between Brother and Sisters:

Although the tradition of Raksha Bandhan, a bond between brother and sisters, came into existence in Vedic period, it still has not lost its essence and is intensely acknowledged by the Indian families.

In Raksha Bandhan a bond between brother and sisters, sisters tie a sacred thread or rakhi on their brother’s wrist and offer them sweets.

On the other hand, brothers take the pledge of protecting their sisters from all hurdles in life and present them a gift. Often people in their lives get so busy that they start to take their relationships for granted and overlook the aspect of love and responsibility involved in them. Thankfully occasions like Raksha Bandhan- a bond between brother and sisters, are there to remind us of such valuable and priceless life long relationships.

Commercial Aspect of Rakhee In India :

Since Raksha Bandhan, a bond between brother and sisters is celebrated by a huge number of Indian families and almost people of all age groups, the aspect of commercialization seeped-in pretty easily. Today, you may find various packed gifts and cards for Raksha Bandhan. Instead of hunting down for special presents, brothers find it much convenient to buy gifts especially packed for this festival. On the other hand, sisters also like it because it mostly comes in the form of chocolates, jewelry and apparels.

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