Raksha Bandhan Festival:

Raksha Bandhan signifies the eternal bond of love between a brother and a sister. Raksha Bandhan means link of protection, where a brother promises a sister, that he would take care of her, and protect her from any evil. This festival is hugely celebrated in India; where sister take extra care to but beautifully decorated rakhi’s to tie on their brothers wrists. A rakhi is a string of silk which represents the bond between a brother and a sister. As silk looks very fragile but is a very strong material, the relationship between a brother and a sister is just like that string of silk.

The Rakhi’s these days come with embellishments and various decorations, and on the day of Raksha Bandhan, these silk strings are tied to the wrists of the brothers. The sister applies tilak on the brother’s forehead and then offers him some sweet, followed by the tying of the rakhi. The brother in return promises to protect his sister in anyway he can, and gives her a token of thanks, that is a gift, or sometimes money by which the sister can buy anything she likes.

The market is filled with stalls and shops that offer various kinds of Rakhis’ to choose from, and the sisters choose the best rakhi and beautiful gifts for their brothers. The brothers in turn have to give a gift to their sisters in acknowledgement of the rakhi. This festival helps in the strengthening of the bond between the brother and sister and other family members. This festival lays emphasis on the importance of family in one’s life.

As every other festival celebrated in India, Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated by the complete family which come together to have fun, spend time with one another and celebrate the festival with songs, laughter and dance.

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