Raksha Bandhan shortly called as “Rakhi” is the celebration of pure relationship between Brother and sister. This festival is one of three Hindus favorite festival after “Diwali” and “Holi”. “Raksha Bandhan” is basically a promise that taken by brother to secure his sister from all difficulties in her life. Full moon day of Shravan (Hindu Calendar month) is celebrated as Raksha Bandhan equally as July-August in Rainy Session.

Raksha Bandhan  Festival of Brothers and Sisters :

Legends behind this rakhee festival is that Bound between Lord Krishna(cosign brother of Dropadi) and wife of Pandavas, Dropadi. Dropadi tied a strip of his silk sari around the wrist of Krishna to stop the blooding after a fight. This incident established a pure bound of care between them. Krishna promise to care her till the end of her life.

He save her from insult by increasing her sari at the time of Cheerharan. it was doing by Dhuryodhana and his Brother Dushashan when Pandavas loss their wife Dropadi in a gamble. This story clarifies that if you accept then a simple thread could be tied a great relationship and raksha bandhan is a big example of this thought.

Another story about Lord Yama and his sister Yamuna. Yamuna tied a thread on hand of Yama to let him immortality. Then Yama declared that whoever get tied thread from his sister will become immortal.

On the day of Raksha Bandhan sisters goes to the market to buy charming and strong tread called Rakhi. Some sweets and fruits are also purchases for pooja and dinner. Sisters who’s brothers lived away from home send them Rakhi by post and currier also. Ladies prepare Delicious dishes on this occasion for lunch and dinner.

At evening on Good “Muhurat” sister starts pooja of her brother and ties Rakhi on his wrist. She wish to god for her Brothers long life and happiness. Brother Promise her and give blessings to sister to care and secure from all difficulties in her life. Then brother gives special gift or Money to his

sister as blessings.

Raksha Bandhan festival In 2012 :

Date of famous Raksha Bandhan festival this year is : 2 August 2012.

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