14th of June is the day of World Blood Donor Day. It is the day dedicated to the awareness about the donation of blood by human beings to survive the life of thousands of human beings. Blood Donation is a responsibility for a human being; it is a moral duty for a person to being a part of those who are aware about the humanity.

Blood donation is not only a sacrifice of a person for another person it more than the survival of other persons. World Blood Donor Day begun to enhance the collection of various group of bloods in blood storage.

Blood donation can give another chance to the person who living from thousands of miles to blood donator. It may be give a chance to dying person. In India World Blood Donor Day is also celebrated with a glorious joyous among the aware or responsible public of the country. This is the day when government of India organizes various programs about the awareness of Blood Donation for humans. There is a famous slogan about the Blood Donation that is “Raktdaan Mahadan”.

World Blood Donor Day In Year 2012 : 14 June

World Blood Donor Day celebrated all around the world to enhance the feelings of humanity. It is the day to forgotten the differences of people from other people by age, sex, religion, nationality, languages, culture and tradition.

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