Ram Janki Vivah is a celebration of a Marriage Festival of lord Rama and Janki. This is an auspicious day in Hindu Religion. Lord Rama was a great king and established righteousness emperor. He was the follower of truth and lights. He got birth on the earth to remove darkness.

He killed a demon Rawan. All of those things happened with the inspiration of his wife Janaki. In India the Ram Janki Vivah is celebrated each of the years as a festival. This festival celebrated as on fifth day during Krishna Paksha of margsheersha month according to Hindu calendar.

Celebration of Rama Janki Vivah :

On this day of Rama Janki Vivah various temples of lord Rama and Sita are well adorned well in various parts of country of India. that time of people engages with various devotional acts. They perform a ritual fast to make happy this couple for religious purpose. They sing devotional songs in temples. They worship lord Rama and Janki on this day.

Rama Janki Vivah in 2013: 7 December

Rama Janki Vivah celebrated each of years during the time of Margsheersha month of Hindu calendar. This festival is one of the major festivals for devotee of lord Rama.

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