Ram Navami is a sacred day of lord Ram’s birth. Ram is a form of lord Vishnu. So he too worshiped on this day. Ram is known as an ideal son, brother, husband, friend, king and enemy. His time period of ruling, is called as ‘Ram rajya’. Ram Navami is celebrated from Godhipadva for nine days in the Chaitra month.

Ram Navami Rituals:

On this occasion, devotees worshiped lord Ram to conciliate him. They set up the idol of Ram, Seeta, Lakshman and Hanuman. Devotees welcomed them by firing lamps and offering flowers in the beginning of worship. At last aarti of lord Ram is performed.

hanuman ram


On the Ram Navami people observe fasts for whole day. On this day some devotees goes through a water less fast. Rath yatra is also taken out from the temples. Rath yatra has an idol of Ram, Seeta, Lakshman and Hanuman.

Bhajans are also an important ritual of Ram Navami worship. People make the entire environment religious by singing bhajans. A beautiful bhajan we can see here below :-

Hey Ram, Hey Ram Bhajan Lyrics :

Hey Ram, hey Ram, hey Ram, hey Ram,
Jag Mein Sacho Tero Naam. Hey Ram…

Tu Hi Mata, Tu Hi Pita Hai;
Tu hi hai Radha ka Shyam.

Tu antaryami, saba ka Swami;
tere charno me charo dham.

Tu hi bigare, tu hi savare,

es jag ke sare kaam.

Tu Hi Jagdatta, Vishva Vidhata;
Tu Hi Subah Ho, Tu Hi Sham

Hey Ram, Hey Ram, Hey Ram, Hey Ram,
Jag Me Sacho Tero Naam.

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