Ram Navami Festival, ram navmi Festival, ramnavmi Festival and ramnavami Festival are the names who all are indicates the festival of Ram Navami which is being celebrated as the birthday of lord ram. this festival comes on the ninth day of Hindi month so it is called as Navami.

Ram Navami Festival can celebrated in the month of chaitra. Ram Navami Festival is celebrated all over the India and specially in ayodhya, utter Pradesh because, It was the birth place and kingdom of lord Ram. Lord Ram was born in ayodhya. He is an example of ideal son, brother, king and friend etc. He was a great man.

Many people observe fast on this the day of ram navami. Several people observe waterless fast also. On this festival people goes to the temple of lord Rama and pray them and their family. people clean their houses and temple and they decorated with flower on this day. Ladies prepare delicious food or sweets and they offered to lord Rama. All family member feels very happy on this day.

On the day of ram navami people arrange majestic procession and they organize fair and functions also. The procession goes to main market and around their city and finally in the evening its goes to fair or a big function. People enjoys that all very much.

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