The day of Ram Navami is the birth anniversary of Lord Ram. Ram Navami festival is the great day for Indian people. The seventh incarnation of Vishnu. Ram Navami or the birthday of Lord Rama is a major Hindu festival which can be celebrated all over the India by Hindu peoples. The pilgrims flock the temples of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh where lord Rama was born. Rama Navami festival comes on the navami of chaitra mas sukla paksha. on the day of Ram Navami, all the temples of lord ram and hanuman are specially beautifully decorated.

On the festival of Ram Navami people worship ‘Lord Rama’ and they pray to him as the god of immense good heartiness. Hindu men and women observe fast on this day and offer prayers to Lord Rama and hanumaan. Ram Navami is celebrated in India as a birth day of lord ram.

Ram Navami festival is a very important and special festival of India. Many people can install an image of lord Rama in their houses. people can make decoration of their houses and temples on this day and celebrates it with a grate joy.

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