Ramakrishna Paramhans is one of the most spiritual saints of the country of India. He is not only famous in the country but also there are much more followers of his teaching about the spiritual power beyond the country. He had the spiritual energy to thought the people and aware them that the lord is one. He was not limited with only the Hindu religion but also he studied about more religions of the world. He practiced and worshiped goddess Kali, Allah and Jesus Christ in his whole life. He was believed in a one common supreme divine energy.

Ramakrishna Paramhans had born in the year of 1836 at Kamarpukur in the state of West Bengal. He worked during his whole life for encourage and motivate them for spiritual thoughts and for secularism. 6th of March month of year is the day of birth of Ramakrishna Paramhans on this day all of the followers celebrate this day as a religious day of their life. Ramakrishna Paramhans was the Guru of Swami Vivekananda who spread out the religion of Hindu and famous for his ability of discussion about any of the topic.

  • Ramakrishna Paramhans Jayanti In Year 2011: 6th March

Ramakrishna Paramhans Jayanti is the day of birth of this spiritual

individual of the history and as like of the each year it will be celebrated as on 6th of the March month in year 2011.

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