Sri Ramanuja Jayanti:

Sri Ramanuja Acharya was great Hindu philosopher from India. He is the most respected Acharya in the philosophy of Sri Vaishnavism. Sri Ramanuja birth name was Lakshmana and also referred as Ilea Perusal which means the glowing one.

daisy flowerRamanuja was a thinker and scriptural born in a Brahmin family in village Sriperumbudur of Tamil Nadu. He is also known as Sri Ramanujacharya, Udayavar, Yatiraja, Emberumannar and Lakshmana Muni. Ramanuja’s is a philosophy with the socio psychical and ethic religious life of man.

He is seen by Srivaisnavas as the most important teacher of their custom. The core of Sri Ramanuja’s teaching is equality. His spiritual concerns were dictated by his perception of the equality of all men and the potential of all to enter the heavenly residence which is a continuum of the life on earth. Sri Ramanuja was a great lover of mankind and said that service to mankind is service to God.

Sri Ramanuja’s philosophy is with everyone in all dealings of life and in all the facts. He was died at the age of 120 in Srirangam in Tamil Nadu. Sri Ramanujacharya’s literature 9 books are known as Navarathnas or nine precious gems. Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti is celebrated each year in Srirangam Sri Ranganatha Swami Temple and all other Vaishnava Mathams and Peethams. Ramanuja Jayanti is celebrated during Chaitra month on Thiruvathirai Nakshatra day. Sri Ramanuja represents the height of Vedanta philosophy.

Sri Ramanuja, Son of Sriperumbudur lived a life for 120 years and more devoted to the service of God in utter effortlessness and humbleness. His concerns were both social and spiritual.

Ramanuja is also known as Ramanujacharya. Ramanuja philosophy is referred to as Vishista Advaita as it combines oneness of God with its attributes. The happy choice of the similarity of the body is awareness of the relation between God and man.

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