Ramdeora Fair held in the month of . Ramdeora village is situated about twelve kilometer to the north of Pokhran. The village of Ramdevra known after Baba Ramdev. It was a Tanwar Rajput and a saint who took Samadhi here at pokhran on 1458. The Hindus and Muslims both regard him.

Maharaja Ganga Singh who was the king of Bikaner, constructed a temple around the Samadhi in 1931. Rice, coconuts and wooden horses(toys) are offered to Ramdevji by the devotees. A large fair is held here in august-September each year. thousands of devotees goes there and offerings Rice, coconuts and wooden horses (toys) etc.

Every year thousands of devotees came here to pay regards and make offerings. Near the Ramdeora village, there is a tank and people knows Ramsar tank which is believed to have been constructed by Baba Ramdev himself. Baba Ram Dev believed in the equality of all human beings, both high and low, rich and poor.

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