Ramanvami is a famous festival of Hindu religion in India. Ramanvami is the festival which is also famous as the name of Shri Ram Navami. This is the day when the Lord Vishnu had come on the earth as an Avatar of Rama to destroy the demon

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Ravana. This is the birth day of lord Rama.

There is a religious story behind the birth of lord Rama. There was a powerful demon Ravana. He had got so many boons from Lord Brahma. He was the power to fight with anyone.

Ravana was wreaking the earth and all of the Dev become feared with him. They can not battle against his because he was so powerful. He was only killing by human beings. The Lord Vishnu was agreed to come on the earth as an incarnation of lord Rama to kill Ravana. Than the lord Vishnu had born after the ninth day of new moon of Shukla Paksh of the month of April as a son of the king Dasharath in Ayodhya.

This was the day which celebrated with so joyous in Ayodhya and it  continues till today. On that day people worship to lord Rama and performed various ritual things. Various programs organize by the people in celebration of lord Rama.

Date of Ramnavami Festival In 2014 : 8 April

Ramnavami is a most important festival of religious India. It is the day which is dedicated to an idol personality of Hindu religion history. As like each of the year it  will be performed with so much of pleasure and joys.

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