Idul Fitr, Idul Zuha and Id-i-Milad are the three festive occasions specially and widely celebrated by Muslims in India. Ramzan Id is very famous festival, It celebrated by Muslims communities with much enthusiasm. It is held in the month of September-October every year. It is which month when the “Holy Kuran or Quran” was revealed up from heaven by Allah for human beings in 615 AD. It is a period of auspicious worship.

During this festival of id the people of Muslim communities get together are the major highlights of the celebrations. The month of Ramzan, when Muslims observe fast each day of month and throughout the day and eat only at night Prayers. All family member attired in new clothes, visiting mosques to offer namaz.

The tombs of many Sufi saints attract devotees of all religious persuasions. The best known Ur’s are centred at tombs in towns like Ajmer, Delhi, Manakpur, Nagore and Dongri. Although only the pilgrims in Makkah can participate in the Hajj fully, all the other Muslims in the world join with them by celebrating Id.

During this festival women’s prepare delecious food and specially sivaiya It is very famous dish of Muslim people. On this occasion people organised fair of Id in the big Mela ground mid in the city. people goes with their family and celebrated this festival of Id.

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