India is a country which reflects its rich culture and heritage in the festivals that it celebrates. Muslim festivals in India are celebrated with the same enthusiasm and liveliness where Hindus and Muslims participate equally to paint this lovely picture of communal harmony. Ramzan is celebrated in the 9th month of the Muslim calendar.

Ramzan – Id-ul-fitr Celebration In India:

Muslims keep a fast for 1 month eating only after the sun sets. All the Muslim festivals are connected with an event of their prophet, Muhammad. The battle of Badr and the conquest of the holy city-Makkah were the 2 great events that lead to this month-long fasting. Muslims believe in self-discipline and tolerance and to practice those virtues, they fast for a month and purify their souls to get closer to their god-Prophet Muhammad.

This month-long fasting ends in the 3-day celebration of Id-ul-fitr. 12% of India’s population are Muslims and they are the largest minority of India. Islamic culture and its rich culture are a part of India’s culture and heritage. Muslims populate all over India so Id is celebrated all over India but majorly in North India. On the 29th or 30th day of Ramzan, according to the occurrence of the moon, the men gather in mosques or on streets for Namaaz or prayer.

After the prayer men embrace each other and return home to enjoy the Sevai-a sweet prepared from vermicelli, milk and dry fruits. The families visit each other and exchange Eidi or gifts. The women and children clad in new bright clothes and a lot of merriment follows.

Fairs are organized all over India to celebrate Id. Mosques are lighted up and the streets are decorated with strings of colourful streamers and tinsels. Every nook and corner is spruced up to welcome this pious day.

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