Rang Teras The Color Festival :

Rang Teras is one of the major festival of the month of Chaitra of Hindu Calendar. It is the festival which observes on 13th day of the month of Chaitra in Shukla Paksh in Northern parts of India. But somewhere it is marks as the festivals which celebrated in the month of Falgun Krishna Paksh. Rang Teras is the festival which is dedicated to worship lord Krishna in the country. It is the festival which is just a part of Holi time.

In Northern parts of India it is celebrate by worshiping the form of lord Krishna named Shrinathji. In Nathdwara it celebrated by a very enthusiasm among the people. In Udaipur region of Rajasthan it celebrated with performing of playing the Gher by people of Rundera village. Rang Teras is a most fabulous festival which is an important part of Holi Festival and people celebrate it by performing fasts and ritual activities.

Rang Teras is a significant event or festival during the Holi Festival. This is the festival which comes in the month of March-April according to English Calendar.

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