National Security Day of India:

India is a big country. It is second biggest country after the country of China in area and population too. Moreover the

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Indian Army

country big than it need high lever of security. India is not only biggest country about the area and population but also it is a nation which a follower of various religions. It is a country of people belongs to various religions like Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Christens. All of those free to follow their ritual performance during their festivals. On the time of those fairs and festivals there is a need of security to avoid unnecessary events to make safe the people of the country.

There is many unsatisfied organization or terrorist groups inside the India and outside of the country tried always to break down the unity of this country. To refuse practices of those organization and people form those organizations our commandos, policemen, and forces are be ready. Rashtriya Suraksha Diwas is the day which is dedicated to those security forces and structure of India. They have to always work for peace and security of people and assists of the nation. To encourage those people who are working for nation government of India celebrate a day as National Security Day each of the year.

  • National Security Day of India In Year 2014 : 3rd March

Today we are facing so much of the problems in our nation so every Indian have to be alert against those unwanted people and elements. Rashtriya

Suraksha Diwas is the day which is a sign to inspire people of nation for their personal duty toward the country. As like each years Rashtriya Suraksha Diwas will be celebrate on 3rd of March.

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