Rid-van Festival And Bahai Ridvan

Rid-van festival is a holy festival. Ridvan festival is celebrated during about on 21 April to 2 may. Ridvan festival is very important festival according to the bahai followers. Rid-van festival is twelve day festival in the Bahai faith. It begins at sunset on April 30 and lasts until sunset on May 2. Ridvan festival is held on the first, ninth and twelve days of Ridvan. In these days work is suspended. Ridvan means paradise and Ridvan festival is named for a garden encountered by the prophet during his travels.

Ridvan Festival claim to prophet hood and his departure from Baghdad in 1863. Ridvan Festival is celebrated from sunset 21 April to sunset, 2 May. The first, ninth and twelfth days of Ridvan are major Baha’i holy days. In this day work should be suspended. Bahai elections are generally held during Ridvan. The name of this festival is decided from the Najibiyyih Garden in Baghdad and there Bahaullah stayed during this period so he gave the name Ridvan (like Paradise).

He had also choose the generally recognized leader of the Babi community. Baghdad is close to the Iranian border, adjacent to several Sh ii shrine cities. Bahaullah should be use his growing prestige to threaten the government. The Persian ambassador in Istanbul, Mushirud Dawlih, so demanded of the Bahauallah be removed from Baghdad.

The Najibiyyih garden in Baghdad known to Bahai is as the Ridvan Garden, it was probably named for Muhammad-Najib Pasha was the governor of Iraq between 1842 and 1847. This garden was a large agricultural area situated immediately north walls of the city on the east bank of the Tigris about 450 metres from directly across the river from the district in which Baha’ullah lived. starting maps and photographs are shows the Najibiyyih as a wooded garden. Najib Pasha built a palace there and a wall around the garden. Najib Pasha was dies in May 1851 and the garden was presumably in the possession of his heirs when Baha’ullah used this garden. This garden was purchased by the government in 1870. It was used as a guest house for Naseeruddin Shah when he visited Iraq in 1870. In the twentieth century the royal hospital was established there.

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