Rishi Panchami Hindu Festival:

Rishi Panchami is comes on the Next day of Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. This day Is celebrates in the respect and gratitude of Rishi’s (Saints). Rishi-Muni are the most valuable and honorable person today also. They toughs the people how to live in a society.

They plays a role of leader in the creation and manage the culture for human beings. They were idol and divine person who told and wrote May kind of books about wealth, health and legends called ”Vedas”. People can learn and adopt that valuable thing into their life to being happy. Rishi Panchami is just a Vrata that does to give respect to our legends Rishis.

People keeps fast on this day. They goes to the Ashrams for blessings of Sants, Acharyas and Rishis. They serve them by giving some kind of gift or charity for their Ashrams. Women specially celebrate this occasion for blessing of Rishis over her family. On this day women visit river at afternoon, take cow dug with her, take Bath of cold water and clean teeth by stick of ‘Aghada’. Aghada is a plant which is very important in medical field. Cleaning teeth by Aghada’s stick finishes germs and gums from mouth and make teeth stronger.

Women arranges Saptrishi by Applying Star or Photo of Rishi’s over a plain wooden Plate. They worship them to keep their blessing over them to live life happily. People breaks fast after doing pooja. Cultural program and satsang are arranged at assembly or temple for singing and dancing in respect of Rishi.

Rishi Panchami festival In Year 2012 :

  • Date of famous Rishi Panchami festival this year 2012 is :
    20 Sep 2012

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