Rudolph Crafts For Christmas:

Christmas is the celebration of decorating houses and Christmas tree, singing carols, dancing and most important gifting to one another. Gifting on Christmas is the tradition and activity of love and affection. Gifts are given from elder to younger and friends to relatives all. There are many verities of the Christmas gifts in the market. Rudolf – “The reindeer’s of Santa Claus” is one of the best gifts on the Christmas to be exchanged. There are some procedures to prepare this unique gift as follows-

A plain hard paper can be used for proper cutting and fixing. Paper can be cut down to make face of Rudolf. Red pom pom can be used to put bright eyes over the face. Red berry would be better for making nose of Rudolf. Pipe cleaners can be used to build antlers of the reindeer by fixing it at the top of the paper figure.

A handprint of child can be used to make gift of Rudolf. Fold this paper to make four legs of the reindeers by four fingers of the handprint. Put one red pom- pom over thumb. It will prepare one side

picture of Rudolf.

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