Sagol Kangjei is also known as the name of The Manipuri Pony Polo. This game was a game of kings. it was played by many kings of Manipur. It is commonly said that the game of Sagol Kangjei is invented by the king Ningthou Kangba. Sagol Kangjei is the ritual game of Manipur which initiated by “Lord Marjing”.

There are few oldest games and polo is one of them. First time in India Moguls brought polo in India. Polo is a significant part of the Manipuri culture. In Manipur polo ground is known as the name of Mapal Kangjeibung. It is the world’s oldest polo ground. Government of India established a club that is All Manipur Polo Association (AMPA) for improvement of this game in Manipur.

This game is the life of Manipur but playing of this game being decreasing because it is so expensive and a polo match may be difficult to organized. Manipuri Polo is always plays in a carnival of “Loukhatpa” ceremony. In the memory of lord Marjing people of Manipur offered Kangujei (polo stick) and Kangdrum (a ball) during the Lai – Haroaba occasion of Manipur.

How they Play Manipuri Polo:

In this game each of team plays with seven players. And each pony seated on the height of 4/5 feet. They all have a stick to hit a ball. All players move themselves to hit the ball for a goal. At last goal is counted and which team makes more goals they


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