Saint Dadu Dayal Punya Tithi (1544- 1603), Saint Dadu Dayal

Dadu Dayal was a saint from Gujarat in India. “Dadu” means brother and “Dayal” means “the kind-hearten one”. Dadu Dayal was a great saint of the history of Rajasthan. He was the saint who always works for happiness of human beings. He was born in 1544 and died in 1603. He was from a lower cast and then converted into Muslim religion. He was living near Jaipur region as a simple cotton carder (Pinjara).

Later he became famous and known as the social group of Dadu-panth. This organization has been continued in Rajasthan and became a major supply of early document enclosing the devotional songs created by the North Indian saint Dadu Dayal.  He was rumor has it that found by a secure business man floating on the river Sabarmati. He later moved to Amer near Jaipur in Rajasthan. He gathered around himself a group of followers, and they became known as the Dadu-panthi.

Dadu Sampradaya has well defined social code. The Acharya is succeeded by his principal disciple. There are two kinds of Sadhus in Dadu one is Nihang and other is Householders. Dadu had known various languages like Sindhi, Gujrati and Marwari. He had 152 disciples of which 52 are said to be the pillars of this Panth. The origin of Dadu’s utterances is the natural life of man. Every word of his makes a direct call to the listener’s heart. He holds an exclusive place among st the poets and philosophers who hold theoretical form of God as the real one.  Saint Dadu Dayal breathed his last after years of moderation; a DwaraTemple has been built here.

Saint Dadu Dayal Punya Tithi comes every year and dadu panthi people celebrate this day with a grate passion. 

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