Saint Tukaram is one of the major and most grateful saints of Hindu religion. He was the saint which easily can be differing from the other saints of this religious country of India. Saint Tukaram Jayanti is a birth anniversary of Great Saint Tukaram. Saint Tukaram was the ritual teacher or Guru of Great disciple Samarth Guru Ramdas. Both of those Guru and Chela are the major part of Indian ritual history.

Saint Tukaram Jayanti is also known as the name of Tukaram Beej. This celebration is dedicated to the day when Saint Tukaram leaved his soul from his body. He born at Dehu near Pune in year 1608 and died in the year of 1649.  He was the greatest poet of Maratha. Marathi Poetry can not be looks beautiful without his contribution. He was also a Great singer of devotional songs of Hindu religion.

Tukaram’s forebears lived at Dehu and the whole family owed its commitment to Lord Vithoba. The people in which Tukaram was instinctive belongs to a differ caste in Hindu religion the Kshatriya caste and were extremely devout.

  • Saint Tukaram Jayanti In Year 2011 : 21st March

Saint Tukaram Jayanti is a birth day of this great religious poet, devotional singer and religious follower of this country. People from various parts celebrate this day as a ritual performing day of year. This day will celebrate as on 21st of March in year of 2011.

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