Janis are the follower of lord Mahavir and believes to perform his directions to live a life in a ritual way. Paryusana is one of the most famous festivals of Jain religion. It is eight or ten day festival of this religion of Jain and Samvatsari is the last day

Mahavir Jayanti


of this festival of Paryusana. It is a most ritualistic festival of Jain community or Jain religion. This is the day which is famous for its purpose of celebration. It is the festival which is observed for the forgiveness to other people who harmed to one by knowing or unknowing ways.

During this occasion people observed a hard fast for the whole day and meet and greet to other people of their family members, neighbors, friends, or others who relates to an individual for giving and taking forgiveness for their acts in the past year. This process called as the name of Micchami Dukkadam in this religion of India. Some of the people also tried letters or telephones to chat with their relatives and friends.

This is one of the most celebrated or most significant celebrations of Jain community in India. It is also known as the name of Forgiveness festival of this community.

Samvatsari Parva In Year 2013: 10 September

Samvatsari Jain festival is one of the most famous or holistic festival of Jain religion and it celebrated each of the years at the last day of Paryusana festival.

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