Birth Anniversary of a Revolutionary Saint Kabir of India :

Sant Kabir Jayanti is celebrated in India as the birth anniversary of Sant Kabirdas. According to the Hindu calendar this festival is celebrated on the month of Jyeshta on full moon day or Purnima. Saint Kabir is known as one of the greatest poet, saint and spiritual

Sant Kabir

Sant Kabir


Sant Kabir grew up in a Muslim family, who found him as an abandoned baby under the tree. Some believe that he was sent by God to earth for a purpose. Sant Kabir used to live in Kashi (Varanasi) and was one of the greatest devotees of Lord Rama. He preached universal brotherhood and believed that there is one God. He accepted all the religions and created several songs and poems which expressed the prominence of the oneness of God.

He had the ability to intertwine his straightforward philosophical thoughts into his poems or Dohas, which were easily understood by a common man. His poems are best known for inspiring discourses and thought provoking content. Many people used to get attracted to Sant Kabir and listen to his Dohas and songs in public places.

Both Hindus and Muslims used to love Sant Kabir due to his preaching of unity among all men and religions. Sant Kabir used to believe in humbleness and in order to exemplify this he would give his followers an example of flowing water by stating that water always flows in a downward direction and never flows in upward direction. He was always in the favor of politeness and kindness. There are about hundred bhajans of Sant Kabir in Kabir Granth.

Sant Kabir Jayanti is celebrated all across India as the birth of a great saint. During this auspicious occasion several satsangs, get- together and meetings are organized where devotees recite the famous Doha’s or poems of Sant Kabir.

Kabir Jayanti Date In Year 2014 :

This year the Sant Kabir Jayanti (Sant Kabir’s 614th birth anniversary) will be held on 13th June 2014.

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