Holi is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. It is the festival which is also known as the name of festival of colors

Legends of Radha-Krishna

Legends of Radha-Krishna

in India. It is the celebration of coming or arrival of the season of spring and it is the time of ending of season of winter in the country.

Most of the parts in India celebrate this occasion with a great pleasure and joy by children, youth, old people etc. in northern part of India it is the time to spread out the colors of the love among people.

It is one of the festivals of India which has not only the purpose of religious myths but also the purpose of entertainment and enjoyment in society. People prepare delicious foods and meals for their family and for their relatives to make this occasion much beautiful as it is. Holi is the first major festival of Hindu religion according to the Hindu calendar of India.

Holika dahan is the major part of this festival which is celebrated a day before the main day of Holi Festival. Though, the festival of Holi is a festival of colors so most of the people on this day play with a variety of colors and colorful instruments during that time. This time in market various type of holi photos, pictures, animation, wallpapers and much more available for sale.

Holi Festival in 2014 : 17th of March

Each of the years in India the festival of Holi celebrated with glorious joy and happy mud of people in the whole parts of the country. In year 2014 the Festival of Holi will be celebrate as on the date 17th of March. The bollywood songs on holi are also most liked by people.

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