Diwali is the festival of festivals for the Indians. There will hardly any Indian be found who does not involve in the Diwali celebrations. People from all corners of the earth send Diwali gifts to India to their kith and kin as the world has turned into a global village, and many Indians have settled abroad for employment or business purposes.

Sending Diwali Gifts to India:

Although they are away from their country, they are tied with their motherland by the familial or emotional bond. Diwali is the festival when they acutely miss their near and dear ones and in order to oblige their relatives, they send Diwali gifts to India and thereby share their joys and mingle with them indirectly.

It is a custom that on the day of Diwali, the husband presents his wife some dear gift. On the occasion of Bhai-duj, a part of the Diwali festival, the brother offers a gift to his sister. Hence, sending Diwali gifts to India is a part of gratitude for the Indians. The relations of love are strengthened thereby gifting some special presents. Considering the market, it is observed that the shopkeepers and vendors try to attract the customers by offering attractive discounts on their goods or products. Thus, maximum purchase and sale can be seen during this festival. Therefore, Diwali greeting cards, dry fruits, sweets, chocolates, candles and diyas, lanterns, puja thalis, decorative items, jewelry articles, gift hampers, diaries, pen sets, perfumes, watches, mobiles and many more items are bought or sold to the utmost.

Sending Diwali gifts to India has become a trend since Diwali celebration marks exchange of wishes and gifts. The giving and taking is seen among friends and relatives no matter they live in the hometown or abroad. In this fast paced world, it may be difficult for the expatriate owing to the time or money or other matters, yet he/she never forgets to send Diwali gifts to India to their near and dear ones as a token of love.

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