Shab E Baraat is a festival of Muslim religion. Which is celebrated with great joys among the people who are belongs to religion of Muslims. In India it is also celebrated by Muslim community. Shab E Baraat means the night of freedom. It is the day when Allah worshiped to free out the sinful people from ‘Jahannuam’. This is a night of mercy from Allah.

Shab E Baraat is an important festival of islamic community in all over the world. This is a day when Allah arranges all matters of sinful individuals of hell. This shab e barat festival is celebrated with various Muslim rituals. They gives donation and charity on this day. People gives foods to poor and hungry persons. People also keep fast on this day.

Shab E Baraat In Year 2012: 

Shab E Baraat is one of important occasion of Muslim religion so people from muslim communities followes all ritual acts and try to get blessings of Allah. They celebrate this occasion each year.

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