Shab e barat (The Night of Forgiveness) :

Shab e barat is one of the significant festivals of Muslims in India. According to the Muslim calendar it is celebrated on the 14thday of

shab e barat Mubarak

shab e barat Mubarak

month of Shabaan. There is a belief that the fate of a man for upcoming year is recorded on this night.  Shab e barat stands for the night of forgiveness. In this auspicious occasion, Muslims recite the Holy Quran for the whole night. Visits are made to the graves of the loved ones to pay respect. According to Shias it is considered as a night when Imam Muhammad Abul Qasim, the 12th and last Imam was born.

In Persian language Shab e barat stands for the night of assignment or payment. In Arabic language this day is called Lailatul Bara’at, which stands for the night of liberation. According to the beliefs of Muslims, the Prophet visits their house and relieves them of sufferings and troubles.

Legends tell about a special tree in heaven which has names of each and every individual on its leaves and when the leaf with the name of an individual falls this very night, then it means that the person is fated to pass away the same year.

In India this holy Muslim festival is celebrated in a grand manner. Moques can be seen decorated with beautiful colorful lights, cellophane, papers and other kinds of decorations. Streets and houses can be seen lit up with beautiful lights and candles. In the night of Shab e barat spiritual songs are sung with recital of Holy Quran. A special dish Sevaiyan (Vermicelli) is prepared at every household in this occasion. People can be seen donating clothes, money and other things to the needful in the names of their deceased loved ones. Some also keep fast during this festival and offer an optional prayer known as nafal during night.

Shab e barat Date in Year 2014 :

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