Shaheed Bhagat Singh Punyatithi is the day which is dedicated to the great Indian freedom fighter. He was one of the most famous revolutionaries of Independence movement of India. He had born as on 28th of September 1907 at Lyallpur, Punjab.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Punyatithi:

The word Shaheed means Martyr and him always referred with the word before his name. He was belongs to a Jat Shikh family from Punjab and this family often involve in revolutionary activities against the rule of British. The Shaheed Bhagat Singh Punyatithi is the day when he was hanged to kill. He was died on that day but give an inspiration to lacks of Indian to fight against British Rule for Independence.

Through out in his life he fought for independence of Bharat Maata. He engaged with numerous organization of revolution against British Rule. He became the member of Hindustan Republican Association which converted into Hindustan Socialist Republican Association.

He was a great leader of freedom movements of India. During imprison he was underwent for 64 days fast in demand of similar rights for Indian prisoners and British prisoners in jail. He was hanged as on 23rd of March in 1931 in the jail of Lahore for shooting a British Police Officer who causes for killing of a great freedom fighter of India named Lala Lajpat Rai.

In the early age of 23 years he died for his country. This was a great event for youth of that time to work for independence of India against the British Rule.

  • Shaheed Bhagat Singh Punyatithi In Year 2014: 23rd March

Though the great Indian freedom fighter hanged on 23rd of March 1931 in Lahor jail for the freedom of this great country but it becomes a revolution for this country to fight with much aggressive against British Rule.

This is a day which is a great part of our Indian Freedom Fighting history so this is the day which celebrated in whole parts of the country as a day of legend and in year 2014 it will be also celebrate as on 23rd of March.

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