Shanidev is known as very angry God. His crucial sight can do anything like – rich to Bagger and all going good to hard difficulties. It is general says by people that “someone is affected by Shani Maharaj”. Means of it is that god Shanidev is unhappy with them. Shani is also a planet in our universe. So if people believe in astrology then planet shani has an important role in their life. God shani is responsible for bad happenings and wrong result so people serve him to be secure from his crucial sight.

Shaniwar or Saturday is the day for worshiping god Shanidev. People go to the temple of god and serve them Oil. It is a unique thing to serve Shanidev. Pooja and aarti is performed by devotees on every Saturday of week. God Hanuman is also worshiped on this day because he is known as remover of difficulties. It is said that hanuman is only god of “Kalyug” (Today’s World). So people serve him on Saturday within Tuesday also.

Mantra and aarti of Shanidev is chanted by devotees during the pooja and worship. Some Lord Shani mantra are as follows :-

  • om Shanischarai namaha

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