Sharad Poornima is also known as various names like Kumar Poornima or Kojaagari Poornima. Sharad Poornima is a very auspicious celebration of Hindu religion in India. it is celebrated with great pleasure by people in all over the country. Sharad Poornima observes on the full moon day of Aswin month of Hindu calendar.

This is the time of ending of rainy season in country and a pleasant time of beginning of harvest season in country. During that time on the day of Poornima moon on sky looks so bright and shiny with full of screen. Sharad Poornima is also observing as a worship day of full moon in Aswin month.  This is also known as Kaumudi celebration or Kaumudi festival of Aswin month. Kaumudi means full moon in the sky.

During Sharad Poornima festival people worship goddess Laxmi for their good health, peace and wealth in family. People especially observe a ritual fast on this day and do various type of ritual performances of this day. They also worship lord Ganesh before worshipping of goddess Laxmi because lord Ganesh is a first deity to worship and pray. This brings good fortune for their house and life of people in family.

Sharad Poornima In Year 2013: 18th October

Sharad Poornima observes each of the years in various parts or corners of the country of India with its real feeling of celebration. this year it will also be celebrate with such a good moment of pleasure among people.

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