Savdaan Diwas or can say Death Body Donation Day is a dedicated to improve awareness about donation of a death body for medical or social use. Savdaan is a great feeling of a human body for other human beings. In Indian culture there is a tradition of burning a death body after death of a person who belongs to Hindu religion. Where as a person who belongs to Islam spoiled in earth after death. But medical science proved that a death body is also so useful for welfare of human society.

A death body is not only useful for medical students to be perfect after a research or practice of their medical knowledge to making themselves ready for treatment of human beings but also it is so useful for other living persons who are facing various diseases which can improve by help of other original human organs. Like eyes of a death body can give a chance to a blind person and by transplant he can watch this colorful world.

Dead Body Donation Day :

Death Body Donation Day is a day which is for making some chances for human beings to earn good effect after death. This is the day which is celebrated in India with very enthusiasm in various places like hospital, research centers of human body, medical centers, government health department, social health organizations etc.

In India Government of country tried to improve awareness among people of India to think about a donation of their body after death. For this purpose they can prepare paper declaration before dieing.

Death Body Donation Day In Year 2013: 5th December

In India Death Body Donation Day celebrate each of the years with numerous health and medical programs in various parts of India. during that time social firms or groups also organizes various programs.

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  1. Hardev Kapoor
    November 4th, 2011 | 3:21 pm

    I have donated my body and am is now in the process of making/motivating peoples to donate blood before death and eyes & body after death.Iwas in search of such articals. those intrestd to follw suit can send me thier email.Id.They will be answared with data .God may make you to donate!

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