Sheetla Saptami The Color Festival in Rajasthan :

Sheetla Saptami is the festival dedicated to a goddess of Hindu religion named Sheetla Mata. This is the festival which observed as on the seventh day of Shukla Paksh during Shravan month of Hindu calendar. This is the festival which is celebrated especially in region of Northern parts of India. This is the day when people worshiped goddess Sheetla for remove or a relaxation from some diseases like Chicken Pox and Small Pox.

Sheetla Saptmi is a most important celebration of goddess Parvati and goddess Sheetla in most of the Northern state of India. Goddess Sheetla is most equal as famous deities of south Indian parts like Poleramma is the deity which is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka as similar as goddess Sheetla in north India. Another goddess Mariamman is very famous in Tamil Nadu which is worshiped that time as like Sheetla Devi.

Some of the state sacrifices animals in front of Sheetla Devi to make her happy during this festival. This day people plays with colors to each other They enjoys with dancing and singing of ritual and devotional songs.

  • Sheetla Saptami In Year 2014: 23 March

Sheetla Saptami is a deity which is a sign of peace and prosperity. People celebrate this day to worship goddess Sheetla for blesses of good health, good wealth and good fortune etc.

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