Shitla Ashtami celebrated in Chaksu at Jaipur. The Shitla Ashtmi fair held in the month of march-April and Hindi month of chaitra each year at Chaksu. Sheetla Mata, the goddess of small pox. In village Seel-Ki-Doongri(Chaksu) people also known as a Band Sheodungri. Doongri is a hillock on top of which the idol of Sheetla Mata stands. The fair is far in her honour for a day each year.

Religious People and devotees believe that epidemics spread because of the wrath of Sheetla Mata and hence they worship her and make offerings so that she may be pacified. During this festival full of devotees in the market and at a shrine of Shitla mata. generally made shoes, food, utensils, clothes and agricultural implements are the main items on sale in the fair. Many people like to play religious rituals music and dance during Sheetala Ashtami. A cattle fair is also organised during this fair.

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