Shiv Pradosha Vrata Fasting Dates:

Pradosh Vrata is an auspicious day of fast, which is dedicated to lord Shiva and Parvati observed by Hindu’s community. Pradosh Vrat also known as Pradosham, which occurs twice during the traditional Hindu calendar. Pradosh as the name indicates is a time or period just before sunset and after sunset. Loosely the Pradosh period is between one and half hours before sunset and one hour after sunset.

Pradosh Vrat is sacred fast of lord Shiva. Devotees observe fast from sunrise to sunset and go to the temple of lord Shiva offer pray by offerings of Bilva patra leaves to the Lord Shiva during the Pradosh period. Devotees break their fasting after the evening prayers. Devotees chants sacred mantras of lord Shiva and parvati,  some of them are  like “OM Namah Shivay” and others  during the fast and spacial pooja .

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