Shivratri is one of the most auspicious days of festivals of India. This is the festival which is famous for worshiping of lord Shiva. This is the day when lord Shiva had born in ancient time of the Hindu religion.

This is the night to worship and to pray the religious deity of Hindu religion in the country. People on this whole night of Mahashivratri is worship lord Shiva with full of devotion and respect of the deity. Mahashivratri Puja is the important ritual act for people to make this deity of lord Shiva happy.

There is a process of Worshipping of lord Shiva on this day of Mahashivratri as following. Mahashivratri Puja is not only perform in the temples of lord Shiva but also performed in the houses of devotees of lord Shiva and the process may or may not be same but there is a unique or simple process of worshipping lord Shiva on Mahashivratri.

Items Required for Mahashivratri Puja:

Bilva Leaves


Shiva lingam or Picture of lord Shiva





Haldi, Milk etc.

Step By Step Process of Mahashivratri Puja :

  • Wake up early in the morning and take bath
  • Light up lamps in front of the deity of lord Shiva
  • Offered Bilva patra leaves to Shiva idol.
  • If there is a Shivling then bath it with milk and water.
  • Ash or Bhasma is the tilak applied by the people worshipping the deity of lord Shiva.
  • Observe a Fast for the whole day of Mahashivratri with ritual rules.

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