Pitru Amavasya is also known as the name of Mahalaya Amavasya. This is the day on which people does the Shradh rituals in memory of their ancestors. Pitru Amavasya celebrated each of the years during the time of the dark fortnight of the month of Ashvin according to Hindu calendar. This is the day which is also called as Ashwin Amavasya, this is a famous day in hindu peoples life.

On this day people organizes various programs according to the Hindu religion which are essential to satisfied or for the peace of soul of their ancestors. They fed meals to Brahmins of that day and engage themselves with donation of cloths and other items to the needy or poor people. In India this the most famous type of festival in memory of ancestors of Hindu Families. They also perform various ritual acts like Yagya or worship of their ancestors and worship to the supreme power for peace and prosperity.

Pitru Amavasya in Year 2012:

In India there is a belief among the people that this is a day when ancestors come back to the house of the family to participate with the worshiping members of the family. In India like each of the year Pitru Amavasya will be celebrated as on 30th of June in the year of 2011 to remembrance of the ancestors.

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