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According to Ramayana Shravan Kumar was born to poor and blind parents, but he was brought up well by them to become a strong and honest person with a good character. He worked hard to provide his parents with comfort and happiness, and was a great devotee of God. Since Shravan Kumar’s parents have become quite aged, they wanted him to take them to several places of pilgrimage to

Shravan Kumar

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various shrines and temples in order to purify their soul before death. Shravan Kumar was poor and could not afford to hire means of transport. He decided to carry his parents in two baskets placed on his shoulder. For this purpose he chose a strong bamboo stick and tied the baskets at its two ends with the help of strong ropes. Once prepared, Shravan Kumar took off for the pilgrimage carrying both his parents.

After visiting some of the places of pilgrimage, he decided to rest on the banks of sacred river Sharayu. He placed the baskets with his parents in the shade of a tree. He described the beauty of the surrounding place to his blind parents and told them that he will take a dip in the river Sharayu.

His parents asked him to bring them a pitcher of water while returning from the river. King Dashratha who was the ruler of Ayodha was on a hunting expedition at that time near the spot. He heard the bubbling sound coming from the river. He mistook it for a deer drinking water and shot his arrow in that direction. The arrow hit with precision but he soon realized that he hit a man.

He rushed to Shravan Kumar and repented the mistake he had committed. Shravan Kumar realized that we won’t be able to live for long and requested the king to carry the pitcher to his blind parents and attend them. King Dashratha went with the pitcher to the old couple. He revealed to them what had happened. Both the parents were struck with grief and cursed the king that he too will die from the sorrow of separation from his son. Shortly after, both the old couple passed away.

It was because of this curse that Lord Rama had to go for 14 years of exile with Laxman and Sita, and King Dashratha died because of the sorrow of separation from his son.

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