Shravan mas or Shravan month is 5th month of Hindus calendar. This month is very important and holy according to the Ved and Puran of Hindus culture. Many kind of vrat and rituals are performed by the people in this month to utilize important time scale to worship the god.

It’s the starting to average rainy session in which farmers prepare their field for new crops. Earth got cool drops of water from clouds after session of heating heavy summer time.

Vrat and rituals in shravan month is quick fruitful. Many kind of reptiles comes out from the deep of earth due to filling up by water of rain. Reptiles represent the cast of snake who is the pet of Lord Shiva.

During this month many kind of reptiles get death due to crush by Shoes and sleepers of people. So devotees leave to wear shoes and sleepers in their foots to secure the small animals that can not be killed by them.

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