Shree Durga Chalisha :

Durga is a mother of all worlds. She is a goddess of power she is worship as a universal power. In Sanskrit durga means a place which can not overrun or a fort. While commonly Duraga is “Durgatinashini” which means “one who can eliminates sufferings,” thus people believed that Durga will save their life form various evils and will give protection from bad things.

Durga is also known by various forms like Ambika, Lalita, Kali, Gauri, Rajeshwari, Bhawani, Java, Bhagwati and Kandalini. Durga is a divine power of universe. According to Indian mythology Durga has eight or ten arms which represent eight quadrants or ten directions. Durga has three eyes and she rides on lion which represents the determination, will and power of durga to destroy demons.

Durga chalisha is a devotional song for worship of Durga. To make her happy people prays her with sing a devotional song. There is a Durga Chalisha which is sung by Anuradha Paudwal.

Lyrics of Durga Chalisha:

Durga Chalisha Lyrics

Durga Chalisha Lyrics

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