Shree Navgrah Chalisa is a spiritual prayer of nine planet of our universe. According to our Indian mythology Shree Navgrah Chalisa is a way to pray those nine planets to remove evil effects from our life.

Shree Navgrah Chalisa is a Hindi devotional song. Our universe has nine planets and a sun. This is our solar system. According to new rules and regulation IAU disqualified the last planet Pluto but in Hindu religion all of these planets of the solar system are the part of our religion with a great history.

According to our mythology all of these planets have an enormous effect on human beings living on the earth. Shree Navgrah Chalisa is a way to worship those planets to reduce the obstacles of our life. These planets have very momentous roll to affect our life style.

Scientifically these planets have various scientific names but in Indian mythology those planets have traditional names like the sun called as Surya. There are the planets such as shashi, som, budha, guru, bhargu, shani and Ravi uses as the name of seven days of a week in Hindu calendar.

Thus, Shree Navgrah Chalisa is an important part of our folklore and ritual activities. All festivals and occasion of Hindu religions depends on the position of those planets. There is a lyric of Shree Navgrah Chalisa as following which realizes us the importance of those planets.

Shree Navgrah Chalisa:

Navgrah ChalisaNavgrah Chalisa

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