Shri Devnarayan is a ritual hero of Gurjars in the state of Rajasthan. It is a religious deity who prayed mainly in the regions of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Shri Devnarayan is a ritual deity who worshiped by the community of Gurjars and he also worshiped by other tribes. According to the mythology of India he was an incarnation of lord Vishnu and born as a son of Sri Savai Bhoj (Father) and Sadu mata Gurjari (Mother) in Rajasthan on seventh day of the month of Magh in 911 AD.

Swami Devnarayan is worshiped by the bhopa community of Rajasthan and Malva. The bhopas are the priest of this spiritual power and organizes various program related to tales of Swami Devnarayan during the month of Magh. It is the time of beginning of spring season and they worshiped him for batter fortune of people and human society. Shi Devnarayan is one of the most worshiped deities of Marwar and Malwa region of India. He was the deity who always worked about the welfare of human beings and they were famous for ritual inspiration for people.

Shri Devnarayan Jayanti 2011 : 10th February

As like the every year shri Devnarayan Jayanti in year of 2011 will be celebrate as on 10th February in the various parts of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

It is an incarnation of lord Vishnu so it has an important part for people’s life to worship a supreme power of the world.

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