Shri Hari Jayanti is the birth day of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. The lord Swaminarayan is the incarnation of Vishnu. He had born at Chhapiya which is near to Ayodhya. This day is celebrated as the birth day of Swaminarayan.

He had born as on April 1781 CE according to the English Calendar. The main purpose of his incarnation is spread out the right way of life and inspires the people about their ultimate salvation of life. Shri Hari Jayanti is the day for religious acts through out India.

He spent his whole life for welfare of human beings, he reestablished Bhramacharya Ashram which was wiped out in previous. He lighted the hearts of people for their destinies. He defined the situation for women of our society and work for betterment of women for well status in society.

He taught the people to achieve the good character, art and music and literature. This day people celebrate as the devotional activities. They observes the fast whole day without taking of a drop of water and foods. They engage themselves by singing devotional songs, spending their much of the time in temples and worship to the lord.

  • Shri Hari Jayanti In Year 2011: 14th January 2011

Shri Hari Jayanti celebrated each and every year with the devotional feelings in all parts of India. In the year of 2011 Shri Hari Jayanti will be come as on 14th January 2011. It is the important day for the whole country of India because it is the day of another festival Makar Sankranti in India.

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