Krishna Janmashtami is a famous Hindu festival of India. On this special day people celebrate the birth of Bhagwan shri Krishna the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Shri Krishna was born about 5000 years ago (in Dwapur Yug). Lord Krishna was born in a prison cell in Mathura city, his mother and father was Vasudev and Devki.

Shri Krishna Janmashtami Festival :

This famous festival of Hindu celebrated on the eighth day of sravan (savan) month according to Hindi calendar. It is said that Lord Sri Krishna was born on the rohini nakshatra. Janmashtami festival generally celebrated in the month of august September according to the English Calendar not only in India but also in the world.

Janmashtami festival celebrated here with great enthusiasm especially by north Indian people because the birth land of lord Krishna Mathura city of Utter Pradesh.

Janmashtami festival begins and special craze comes at the midnight when Lord Krishna was born. As long as 12 am they prefer Aarti, puja of lord Krishna at temples and people show their happiness of newly born lord Krishna to fire the crackers and enjoy with sing devotional songs along with dances.

Janmashtami it is a day of full of enjoyment. People go to temple and celebrate to sing bhajan, devotional songs of lord Krishna with great manner. Women make and prepare sweets on this day and offer to shri Krishna bhagwan in which especially Makkhan (butter) contain with sugar candy because Lord Shri Krishna bhagwan like them to eat so much. People distribute Makkhan (butter) among children on this day because children are form of god.

On this day people organize special game which is named as ‘Matki Fod Pratiyogita’. It is said that Lord Shri Krishna was fond to eat Makkhan (butter) so much. To eat and steal makhan they climb on their friends back and then breaks the pots and get Makkhan from hanging pots. So there is an old tradition also to break the pots which are full of Makkhan (butter) which is called ‘Matki Fod’. On this day people hang a pot

15 to 20 feet from land with full of makkhan (butter). People make group and climb on back to each other to break this pot. It is really funny and enjoyable competition in which who will break the pot first

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    what day does janmasti start?

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