Shri Shakambari Jayanti is the birth day of Hindu goddess named Shakambari. Shakambari is the goddess who is major observes in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh,  Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh. Shakambari Devi is a goddess of greenness. The goddess wears the cloths of vegetables, fruits and leaves.

In Chennai at Shakambaripuram there is a  Sakambari temple where Shri Shakambari Jayanti celebrated by the people as the grand festival of joyous. This celebration of Shakambari Jayanti is the major festival of Chennai. This day is also dedicated to Shakambari Navratras the festival of worship of  Shakambari goddess. This festival is also known as the name of Paush Navratra because it comes in the month of Paush according to Hindu calendar. The Shri Shakambari Jayanti is the last day of the celebration of Paush Navratra.

This is the festival in which people from various parts of the country participate to worship the goddess of greenery for good health, good wealth and prosperity. It is the festival sign of happiness and joyous celebrated as luxurious moments of life by the people of Chennai.

  • Shri Shakambari Jayanti In Year 2011 : 19th January

This time of celebration and worship of Shakambari has been come each of the years in the month of January and in the year of 2011 it will be come of 19th of January the last day of Paush Navratra.

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