Significance of Buddha Poornima :

Buddha Poornima is celebrates across the world with different names. It is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha who was the founder Buddhism. Buddha Poornima falls on the full moon night of Vaiskha month of Hindu calendar. This day usually falls in the moths of April or May according to the western calendar. The temperature is very high – at

time it even cross 45 degrees C -during these months but not-withstanding the extreme heat, pilgrims from all over the world reach Bodh Gaya. They all gather at this place to celebrate Buddha Poornima and attend various functions that are organized during this time.

The different functions and celebrations are marked with payer meetings, sermons on the life of Lord Buddha, group meditation and continuous recitation of Buddhist scriptures, religious discourses, large scale processions, and worship of statutes of Lord Buddha. The Mahabodhi Temple at Gays is decorated with colorful flags, flowers and lights to give festive look at this celebrated occasion. The celebrations of this Buddhist festival are also recorded in the writings of Chinese scholar, Fa-Hein.

Buddha Pooornima is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Lumbini and Kushinagar as well as these places are closely associated with the life of Gautama Buddha. The Bodhi tree at Gaya is very significant to the celebrations of Buddha Poornima as Buddha has attained enlightenment under this tree and forty five years later, he left this world also under on the same day in Kushinagar.

The capital city of Busshism, Sarnath also celebrates the occasion with great enthusiasm. Buddha Poornima though is a grand day for Buddhists across the world but it does not encourage hectic celebrations or abandon in any way. There is a feeling of happiness all around on this special day. Buddha Poornima is also celebrated as Vaisakha Poornima.

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